Mini Trip Report - Lunar Crater, October 16, 2010
by Gregos

My wife and I bought some property a few years ago in Rachel. Unfortunately, owning property there means there is always something to do -which in hindsight leaves little time to play and do other fun things. This trip we "Agent Orange(d)" the weeds in the driveway -boring and kind of back breaking! So I decided to take a break and actually do some exploring. I never been to Lunar Crater and being a major Project Apollo buff, I talked my wife into the 100 mile one way trip up HWY 375 & US Route 6 to have a looksie. I understand some of the Apollo crews trained there before the moon landings. It's a long ride from Rachel, but it's definitely worth it. "Lunar Crater" is very impressive and the "Easy Chair" crater was as well. These are volcanic craters like the ones in Death Valley and not meteor impact craters just to be clear. Lots of Basalt around the edges if you're a rock hound. One of my favorite classes in High School was geology so I had a really good time. Nobody ever said learning couldn't be fun! Just get out there and get dirty. Nevada has a lot to offer if you do a little research. Yeah?

Attached are two panoramas of Lunar Crater and Easy Chair. Anyone visiting the area I hope will make the trip. If you fuel up in Alamo you will have plenty of gas to make the round trip. I carried a 5 gallon Jerry Can just to be sure. And rumor has it the Alien Inn in Rachel sells gas at $5 a gallon in an emergency.

Lunar Crater

Easy Chair

On the way home we started up the hill to the Halligan Mesa Comm Site but there is a US Government Property / No Trespassing Sign a little way up, so we turned around. Base Camp does not look like it has changed too much in the last year or so that I've been up that way. Being Saturday, I didn't expect too much activity. The VOR was not active.

Base Camp

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