Pave Hawk at Groom Lake Road, November 17-20, 2009
by Wheresjanet

Hello, I would like to share my trip to area 51 with everyone. I rather not say the exact day i was there but i can say i was there between the dates of Nov 17th And Nov 20th 2009. I arrive at the border on Groom Lake Rd. Up on "Cammo Hill" the security truck was not the regular Chevy Silverado Truck. It Appears to me that the truck that was on "cammo hill" was a 2008 or 2009 Ford Super Duty F-250 or F-350. So i take some photos of the new truck and decide to try to walk up Hawkeye hill. To get a view of the guard shack. So when i get the the bottom of Hawkeye hill and start to walk up i here a loud noise that sounds like a helicopter or possibly a plane. I turn around and before you know it a pave hawk rises up from behind "cammo hill". Maybe it was just a scare tactic or they did not want me to see the guard shack, well it worked. I hopped in my car and left. I visited the Rachel/ Back gate. But besides all of the stuff that went on before that was pretty much it.

Hope you enjoyed my Trip Report.


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