Area 51 Trip Report, November 10-11, 2009
by Joe Buchman

On Tuesday November 10th/Wednesday November 11th, I spent a night at the "hidden" campsite just off of Highway 375, near N37 26.119', W115 27.407'

On the way there, right about dusk on Tuesday November 10th, I stopped to take a few photos of planes coming into Nellis.

On the way toward Rachel, I noticed a fire, and emergency equipment with red and blue blinking lights off to the west of highway 93, about 4 or 5 miles south of Alamo.

Drove on to the Little A Le Inn for dinner, and then arrived at the campsite about 8:30 pm. About an hour later I saw 9 medium-bright lights in the sky back to the east (past highway 375 from the campsite). At first I thought it was three or four jets about to fly over me, but then the lights went out one at a time. There was no sound at all, and they didn't look like flares.

Spent a couple of hours looking at the night sky, with a small charcol fire going to keep me warm. Saw nothing unusual, other than a couple of meteors.

The next morning I noticed something reflecting off of one of the nearby joshua trees. It was a metal tag with TV 302 stamped in it. Several other joshuas had similar metal tags. As I was walking back toward my RV, I noticed a pickup truck which was turning around in the other campsite closer to highway 375. Just caught a brief glimpse of it. It was either grey or dark green with what looked like a large animal cage in the bed of the truck.

Nothing much else to report. The folks at the A Le Inn were welcoming as always. Said there were 1,200 new head of cattle in the valley, and to be careful driving after dark. Saw one dark cow just off to the side of the road just a mile or two south of Rachel.

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