"Road Block" on Groom Lake Road, June 25, 2009
by Monday Lad

We visited the main gate on 25th June, and as we drove down Groom Lake road a large articulated flatbed was blocking it right across at the junction with Ranch Road.

At first we thought it was deliberate to stop us getting further but as we approached we realised it was there to drop off a very large Caterpillar road grader type vehicle (24H?), the driver gave us a suspicious look as we took to the rough to go round him, and we went on to the gate to get some pictures. On the way back we saw it was just left there just south of Groom Lake Road on a rough track.

As we drove on to Rachel on the 375 we were passed by 3 identical white SUVs with dark windows, lead by a white pick-up, all turned off toward the main gate in tight formation.

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