Project Faultless, September 9, 2008
by Scot Tway

I was lucky to be able to visit the Rachel area on September 6th through the 10th. I was unable to make the meeting about the Prison in Rachel the morning of the 6th but heard all about it when I arrived that evening. The morning of the 7th I made my way to Hancock Summit and to Horner's Rest Area and on up to the Power Lines Overlook. The road back in is in good shape but is a bit longer than I expected. The steep climbs required at the very end of the road before the summit are quite steep and although I was in a 4X4 it was challenging because of loose shale and rocks.

Monday the 8th I had to spend in Los Vegas for business but saw 4 or 5 white SUVs and pickups with Government tags headed up Hwy 375 and Hwy 93 as I was headed South very early am.

Tuesday I headed for Project Faultless to check on some monitoring equipment I found on a trip back in 2006. What I found was quite surprising. Please follow the link for details and Photos:


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