Friday the Thirteenth (April 07) Area 51 Road Trip
by Pat (AKA Wild Bill)

Alien Research Center, unoccupied?
I flew out to Las Vegas from Nebraska to spend some time with my brother and sister-in-law. Got tired of the same old gambling scene in LV and decided to head out to Area 51. Left LV at 10 a.m. on the 13th. First interesting sight was halfway between Exit 64 and Alamo on US 93. Saw what appeared to be a Stealth Fighter drop over the mtns heading west into the sheep range. Then, a few miles down, we saw in the sky approx. six aircraft, large military bomber-type makes, in a very distinct pattern for we could see the vapor trails. We got out of the vehicle to observe and heard several sonic booms. We stopped at Ash Springs for fuel and food. While talking to one of the locals, they directed us across HWY 93 from the gas station to a very relaxing hot spring. After relaxing in the hot springs for an hour, we then journeyed onward to HWY 375, also known as "Extraterrestrial Highway." Noting that the historic "Extraterrestrial Highway" sign had apparently been abducted by aliens or perhaps, realistically, vandals, for it was not there!

Moving on westward approximately four miles, we came across a sign on the righthand side of the road which said "Alien Research Center: Visitors Welcome. Open." with no indication on how to get to the research center. I got curious and hiked up the side of the hill, and found what appeared to be a railroad-car-type of building with a very nice engraved sign indicating that this, indeed, must be the research center. However, the shades were drawn, the door was locked, with no indication that there had been anyone there for quite some time. So, we took a few pictures and then moved on to Groom Lake Road, which, to me, seemed like one of the most desolate and lonely roads I had ever been on in my life! Met one tourist-looking person in a van with a big smile on his face, waving happily.

Main Gate (Groom Lake Road)
Note camo dudes on hill in background
We eventually made our way to the famous Area 51 Main Gate. Might I add, my brother came to a sudden screeching halt with the rental car approximately 2 feet from entering the restricted area! With a little Vegas luck still on our side, the camo dudes sitting on top of the hill did not flinch. It was the typical scene, as I had read about/seen pictures of: cameras, signs, camo dudes on hill looking at us with binoculars, and us looking at them. We took a few pictures and shot some video, and got an overall sense of negative energy. And the reality started to sink in that there must indeed be something over the hillside that the government does not want us to know about.

We made the trek back down Groom Lake Road, started heading west again on HWY 375, and somewhere between Coyote Summit and Rachel, we met the famous "white bus". This was approximately 3:45 p.m. This was a nice sight to see on a splendid Friday the 13th! We then arrived at Rachel. Note: discovered another "Extraterrestrial Highway" sign. We went to the famous A'le'Inn. Had a couple beers and burgers, did the normal touristy thing (toured the memorabilia, took pictures). We found the locals in the bar and the employees to be rather cold and unsociable. We mentioned to the waitress that we saw the white bus when coming into Rachel, and asked her if she could tell us any facts about the white bus. She gave me a very nervous look and stated that she had no idea what I was talking about. Then she basically walked away, and acted very nervous and was not customer-service oriented for the duration of our stay.

We finished eating and drove around the town of Rachel (which we concluded is basically a ghost town). It appears to me that the only lifeblood of the town is the A'Le'Inn, for we saw no one else in the community. I might also add at this time that I had read we would not see much traffic on US 93 and definitely on HWY 375, but the traffic was more moderate than we expected.

Upon leaving Rachel, we traveled down the famous Back Gate Road. We determined that there were obviously sensors in the road, for when we got approximately 200 yards from the roadblock arms at the guard shack, the red lights on the arms began to flash. There were no vehicles at the guard shack, nor did we see any guards. Only the flashing red lights on the arms. We took some pictures and video. I was curious if I could get a cell phone signal, so I made a call to my wife back in Nebraska. The call went through very clearly, with full signal strength. Later on, after the call, I realized that Big Brother along with his Patriot Act listening devices was probably monitoring the entire conversation.

Upon leaving Back Gate Road and turning onto HWY 375, heading back toward Mailbox Road, we again spotted in the sky the ominous tight formation of bomber-type aircraft and their most distinct vapor trails, which almost could've been spelling out to me the famous line from the Wizard of Oz "Surrender Dorothy"! Can't say that anything really witchy happened during our Area 51 adventure. Having made several hunting/camping trips with my brother to some of the most rugged and remote parts of Alaska over the years, I think I probably have the gear and expertise to hopefully tackle an overnight stay next spring at Power Lines Overlook, or perhaps even Tikaboo Peak.

The end of the line at Backgate Road

Backgate Road, Notice camera on tower in back

We finally found it! The E.T. Sign, now located on the highway on the east edge of Rachel

The famous "Black" Maibox. Actually, as you can see, it is now white.

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