Four videos of a visit to the Area, May 14-18, 2006
by K Dog

Near Rachel,NV

ET on ET HWY trying to get a ride home

Black Mailbox

ET HWY near HWY 93

I was in Alamo and Rachel, NV. from Sunday May 14 around 8 PM till Thursday May 18 2006 at about 6 AM. That is when all of my video's were done.

I was going to drive around Groom area but due to GPS trouble I decided not to with my luck. I mostly wanted to get a lay of the land and the people there. I tried to get a room in advance at the Little A' Le' Inn but they were going to be full when I had called and talked to Pat so I stayed at the Alamo Meadows Lane Motel 300 N . Hwy 93. Their telephone number is 1-800-740-8009. They have a telephone in each room and cable TV.

I mostly drove around both Alamo and Rachel and spoke to several people there and found they were extremely very nice. There is nothing like living in a small town. I had no trouble driving through the towns with any police but I did see them driving around with the radar gun working. I had one working checking there speed also it might be why they did a second look as we passed each other on the streets and the dash video camera going also ?

I use Instant DVD 2.0 : Instant DVD + DV from ADS Tech. at it retails for around $100.00 but if you do a Google search you can find it for under $ 70.00 at times. Everything you need is included with it. It only takes a few minutes once you install the software before you are up and running with the program. It is very simple to use. There are several web pages you can use to put a video on the Internet. The one I use is called www So far I have not got any junk mail using it.

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