Creech AFB and Thunderbirds (May 23, 2006)
by Gregos


I went up to Creech AFB today to watch the Thunderbirds practice. I got up there at exactly 12pm and minutes after getting out the car they rolled in over Hwy 95 from the South. They went right into their show. Two Solo Pilots but only 3 formation Pilots flew. Did the 4th have the day off? I parked off the South Bound lane just across from the side gate. Wow!

$8.00 for 4 rolls of film,
$43.00 for a tank of gas,
Having a Thunderbird "Buzz" you car at nearly 400 Mph -Priceless!



They Flew for 30 minutes exactly then landed. During the show I fumbled thru the scanner but could not find them. When they landed I tuned KNIS Ground and still nothing. When they started to taxi I switched to the Tower and still nothing but did see a big plume of white smoke from behind the buildings. After about 15 minutes I U-Turned back up passed the Base. As I reached the main gate there were local police to direct traffic. In the KNIS NOTAM, It said it was Indian Springs Appreciation Day, so I guess it had something to do with that. I did not try to enter the base.


I then pulled over to the North end of the base and could see the Thunderbirds all lined up on the flight line. I snapped a few more pictures when I noticed a Predator UAV in the air. It circled around and then landed. I waited a little while longer then left. I burned about a roll and a half of film for the day. I figured I'd burn the rest on the JANETs later...


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