Tikaboo Sighting (April 26, 2005)
by Ryan and James Nelson

Whilst in Las Vegas on my holidays, on tuesday 26th i decided to drive up to the area around Nellis Air Force base(*) to plane spot with my son, james. We chose to camp out on Tikaboo Peak that night. At 11:17pm we heard a low rumble. It was a clear night and the moon was in sight and i found it strange that it could be an aircraft as Nellis normally fly their aircraft on cloudy nights. Anyway, i woke my son up and together we got our night vision scopes out and looked towards Nellis.

What we declared to be the rumbling noise was indeed a jet with a isosceles triangle shaped body about 120-130 feet long. Just after we saw it through our scopes the whole runways lights came on. We watched this jet take off and it then banked towards us and flew right over us no more than 750 feet off where we were. As it flew over us i got a clear view of the jet's silouhette, which appeared to have no wings because of the isosceles triangle shaped body which i believe was part of the wings. Just after it flew overhead, me and my son had to cover our ears as we heard what sounded like a sonic boom.

I looked back at the base and the runway was pitch black again. We watched this jet for an hour flying around until it returned to nellis and landed at exactly 12:17am. Just before it landed the whole runway lit up and shortly after the jet taxied into hangar 18 then the runway lights shut off. Research into this leads me to believe that this could well have been the black project AURORA.

(*) Editor's note: The author is actually referring to Area 51 here

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