A few days at red flag, and a haircut at Keno (March 22-23, 2004)
by "Black F150"

Monday at Coyote Summit was the usual, very cool, as always but the Keno strip area does seem to be a good spot for flag, it is a different experience all together, but equally as awesome. A few of us were at the Sand DZ on Tuesday and we got a great buzz job from a C130 doing a drop there, a few minutes later and a couple of Chinooks doing search and rescue flew VERY close to us on there way to pick up the casualties a little bit down the road. The C130 flew low over the hills behind the DZ to the left of Revielle to get to the keno strip, trying to avoid the radar set up there. All the while a smokey sam unit was launching off their rockets. Not to mention the fighters getting into a furball overhead.

However on Tuesday for the 3pm war the fighters stayed pretty high, where we were at anyway. There was plenty of action in that area, and while we couldn't actually see the landing strip from our vantage point, you could see the dust from the C130 landing and taking off there.

Tuesday night was interesting also. From where we were at, you could see the fighters fly in real low over the hills down to where the back gate is, as they entered the ranges. A few minutes after the fighters had all gotten into the ranges the bombers started doing there thing and lit up the area back in the hills behind and to the right of Rachel. I would say we saw a good 4 or 5 big flashes that night. Tuesday night just seemed to be a really large war, we must have seen about .....well....what seemed like two dozen fighters ingress that night.

As always a trip out there is never long enough.

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