Red Flag 04-1 (October 28/29, 2003)
by Hank

On the way to Rachel for Red Flag I made a quick stop at Nellis. This was taken from the park on the west side of Sunrise Mtn.

When I arrived at Coyote Summit I found that these people are the perfect example of what to wear to ward off any ill effects of the wacko beam. Notice that the shiney side is out for maximum protection. From left to right it is Lonewolf, Magoo, F150 son, and F150 Mom. Chuck was there but no tinfoil cap. Maybe as a resident he is immune.

As usual Flag was active at sometimes with low flyers and sometimes with aircraft flying at higher altitudes. Wednesday morning at Coyote Summit was low flyers really burning up the desert. Very exciting. I know someone will post some pictures from the very top of the Summit looking down on to the canopies. Very impressive.

I had the good fortune of meeting Magoo (Andrew) who traveled from Sydney To Rachel via Warsaw Poland. Maybe a trophy for the most air miles traveled to see a Red Flag. We went to the gate at GLR, and the Rachel back Gate. The most exciting thing we saw at the gates was a cammo dude at GLR back over a Joshua tree trying to keep the three of us in sight all at the same time.

Late Tuesday afternoon I went to Texas Lake to watch them form up for the recovery to Nellis. If you are an aircraft watcher this is a good place to be, as all aircraft that participate fly holding patterns while Nellis Control vectors them in. I left Wednesday afternoon while the others stayed longer. Iam sure that their will be other trip reports to fill you in on more details. The weather was the best. Warm days and cool nights. As usual the best part of Red Flag is the people who are their to share the experience.

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