Weekend trip report (September 04, 2003)
by Scott

First, Joe is still in critical condition at the hospital in St. George. Pat is with him 24/7 and the Inn is running on restricted hours.

Any prayers (for those of you who pray) would be helpful. Little 5-year-old Chance Day got killed in a car wreck on Penoyer road two weeks ago. This small community has had a lot of tragedy this year.

Now to business:

I talked to Chuck Clark and he is very upbeat about his case. I can't give details without his permission, lets just say he is a positive thinker and a good guy.

EVERY cammo truck I saw even those on public land had NO PLATES! Not front or back!!! NONE! Totally illegal for highway use, but since the local law enforcement is corrupt anyway it only figures.

Where Timpiute road comes onto 375 at the old Mill near Valley road, some one put two solar powered "Tiki" style yard lights about a hundred yards into the desert. I talked to Chris at the Inn and he said he thought it was a car and had been like that for weeks. I looked in the daytime and couldn't see anything forcing me into a night trek in the desert battling scorpions and sidewinder rattlesnakes to get pictures of the lights.

Which one of you guys is responsible? Chris and I thought it was a pretty clever joke.

One strange thing was the thunderstorms. At Rachel, I saw two storms on the entire horizon except one in the vicinity of Area 51, or even S-4. While my wife counted flashes just in that one little area and I counted the rest of the horizon, she had about 20 to 1 ratio of flashes between her little spot and the rest of the sky. The flashes were similar to ground fireworks that you can't see except by reflected light.

We drove to 375 beyond the white/blackmailbox and the flashes stopped. there were no clouds in that vicinity of the sky as we could see the stars. Interesting stuff.

The bus leaves the restricted area now between 4:45 and 5 p.m. We saw it on Groom road then. Chuck said it has been coming out later lately.

Steve Medlin in addition to his mailbox, now has an "Alien drop box" on the post below his mailbox.

There was the usual jets and sonic booms other than that it went okay.

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