Area 51 Delusion, January 2, 2003
by Enver Sulejman

On January 2nd, 2003 my partner and I decided to visit Area 51 and put an end to the mystery surrounding it. It was a bright, sunny and cloudless day around 50. It felt like spring, and our rental red Suzuki was taking us "there." At Ash Springs, Nevada we made a left turn and there on the right side was the now famous ET Highway Sign. I loved the design and the name which was given to highway 375 and dedicated April 18, 1996. Staring at UFO's drawn on it, I rolled my eyes and said, "Yeah, right."

The Extraterrestrial Highway seemed endlessly long and thin. No UFO's were flying above it. On the right we passed the Groom Lake Road but we did not turn there. Our destination was the world famous Black Mail Box - which we accidentally passed. Quickly I suggested to my partner to stop the car and turn back. When we returned, the box looked ordinary and was white not black. I posed for a photograph by it. Standing near it, I felt a weird vibration but thought nothing of it. The next picture was to be me, going under the box. As I knelt and put my head under it, a strange energy force momentarily glued my head to the box, and an eerie, whispering echo came from it. Itsounded like a digital recording, static-y and breaking up, warning: "Do not proceed forward, turn back!" Meanwhile, my partner took my photo and my head was suddenly released, which made me lose my balance. Shocked, I stood up and asked my partner if he had heard the voice. "Heard what?" he asked. I explained what happened and he said he hadn't heard anything. My head was still hurting from the heavy energy which had glued my head to the box. We decided to proceed anyway, since my partner hadn't heard anything and I wasn't sure what exactly had happened.

We got on the Groom Lake Road and came to the point where warning signs stopped us from proceeding any further. Animatronic blackbirds were perched on the Joshua Trees and were watching us. We decided to climb a small hill that overlooked the entry signs. On the way up, I saw huge fire coming on the top of the hill and I pointed it out to my partner. He said "There's no fire in there," and accused me of making it up. "No," I said, and when we got there there I led him to the place I had seen burning but was no fire, just ashes and some burned sticks.

We got back to our car and decided to sneak in the Area 51 by using its back door. The animatronic blackbirds (which were really flying spy cameras) followed us until we reached the ET highway. When we got there they disappeared. Near Rachel we took another dirt road to get to Area 51. It was around 3 pm and the road was empty, just the two of us on the loose gravel road and, in the distance, Rachel. Suddenly our car started acting weird, zigzagging all over the road. I looked at my partner to see if he was toying with me and trying to upset me. Instead, all I could see was an almost paralyzed, emotionless expression on his face. I kept yelling "Stop! Stop!" but to no avail.

Then the shocking thing happened. To my surprise, I saw in front of us thick mass of see-through energy, a kind of magnetic field which reminded me of a spark that occurs when you cross two electrical wires. The color of its magnetic strips was white with a faint green sparkling color. The mass of energy was so thick and my partner's driving was so out of control I couldn't see clearly what was going on in the distance but I caught a glimpse of a pure white saucer-like shaped object lifting in front of us and fading very fast and disappearing in the sky. As the mass of energy lifted and receded, my partner awoke and turned right, loosing control of the car and ending up off the road in the desert. The two left tires of our Suzuki were flat, but we did not suffer any injuries. My partner was in shock and was acting like just he had woken up from a deep sleep. He had not seen the strange mass of energy from the flying saucer and was unable to figure out how he had lost control of the car when there was no traffic, no people or animals crossing. When I told him what I had seen and that he was almost frozen while he was driving, he argued with me saying that he was alert all that time. Was he? Of cause not. I was there and I saw things and heard things while he was immobilized.

After the accident we went to a nearby house and the man who happened to be in his backyard gave us lift to the Little A'Le'Inn restaurant in Rachel where we called our rental company, Alamo, to come and pick us up. While waiting for the tow truck we had Alien burgers for dinner.

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