Event at Area 51 (October 2, 2001)
by Anna Wodzislawski

We would like to share with you an experience that happened to us on Groom Lake Road - AREA 51 October 02 2001.

After visiting a friend from Rachel, Nevada, we decided to drive toward AREA 51 after dark. We got there around 8 pm, and parked the car at the entrance of Groom Lake Road. After about 20 min. of sitting in the car and admiring the beauty of the desert after dark, we heard and saw a helicopter flying at low altitude toward AREA 51.
We didn't pay much attention to it, but all of the sudden, either the same or another helicopter that we had not seen before approached us, and lit a very bright and sharp light on us. At the same time an ambulance pulled over from the highway and parked behind us. The driver told us to drive away immediately, to allow the helicopter to land there. As we drove on the dirt road to the highway, we noticed two other vehicles [Jeep Wrangler and Truck and Trailer], approaching and parking next to the ambulance.
Because we were driving very slowly we saw that all the vehicles and the helicopter had turned all their lights off. We were curious to see what would happen next, so we drove about 1 mile north of the place, parked the car and waited.

After about 30 minutes, we saw three bright red lights in a triangular formation that seemed like a huge bright red spot. It started to take off, and rose slowly above the desert ground, moving as if bouncing up and down, then left and right. Without making any sound, the shiny object finally disappeared beyond the mountains. Immediately after, we saw another smaller bright red light of the same shape moving and taking off in the same way. Suddenly it was distracted by an approaching car coming from the opposite direction; it dimmed and finally disappeared, never coming back. What surprised us the most is that all this occurred in complete silence.

30 minutes later, we saw two other very large rectangular shape, white, pulsing lights on the horizon. It was very hard to judge the distance, but it seemed very close to the mountains and very far from us. They were also moving vertically and horizontally as the other ones we saw before, changing brightness and dimming constantly, without any particular pattern.

We stayed at this desert spot for 5 hrs, during which time we saw only three cars pass by and each time they showed up on the horizon, all these strange bright lights dimmed and disappeared. About 5 minutes after the cars went by, all the lights reappeared again, continuing moving in the same way as before.

Then we saw a third large, oval shape light appear in the darkness, moving in the same way as the others. This time the source of light seemed much closer to us, beside the highway. We had a feeling like it was flying in our direction. This was so paralyzing and scary, that for the first time we could see that the object seemed to be intentionally coming toward us. It was moving very fast sending some kind of hypnotic energy impossible to describe. What we felt at that moment was fear of something unknown and unexplainable. It was too overwhelming, so we felt like driving away, so we backed the car off the dirt road and got on the highway. Once the car lights went on, the object dimmed and disappeared. We stopped the car on the highway waiting for what will happen next.
To our amazement the light appeared again in the same place as before. We decided to follow this mysterious object that now was flying away from us. After a few miles of mindless chasing in the pitch dark, the source of light seemed to stop. We knew that because as we were driving toward the light, it was growing bigger and bigger....
This turned out to be a Truck and Trailer. Just in the nick of time, we got on the right side of the highway avoiding a head on collision. We slowed down watching the truck drive away in rear view mirror. After few minutes, the rear lights of the truck became a very bright and pulsing red light, that rose over the desert and flew away slowly over the mountains.

Before coming to Las Vegas we were planning to stay only one night since our schedule was full of the other places that we wanted to see [Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley etc..] but finally we decided we stay in Las Vegas for two more nights. The plan was obvious and so exciting. Get 1000 ISO Kodak film and go back toward that desert spot, snap some pictures of those mysterious lights to prove what we saw.

We kept coming back to Groom Lake Road for the next two nights, hoping to see what we had seen before, but the desert was as silent as it can be. No lights, no activity. We sat there for many hours hoping that something will happen again, but no luck this time.

We have no idea what was the origin of the lights that we saw in the desert and why they appeared when we were there. Now, when we look back to what happened to us it seems like an unreal dream but we know one thing for sure, that the awsomeness of what we have seen will put the mark on our future. Also, we would like to ask anybody of you who is reading this to help us understand this strange event. Any suggestions will be appreciate.

Anna and Albin

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