Andre' M. Dall'au
Director of Video productions - Dreamland Resort
Photographer, video productions - UDT/SEAL Museum Association

My first trip to Rachel with my son Christopher left me with some indelible marks. The windblown and sparse town filled with open and pleasant people. The Jeep Cherokees sitting high on ridges, watching my every move. The ominous signs that linked trespassing with death. The huge and open high desert that looked so beautiful but is uncaring and passively lethal. The deafening silence split occasionally by the high, twisting dogfights of dueling Red Flag fighters, or the low-level bomber racing up Tikaboo valley.

I met Joerg and formed an alliance that got stronger and richer over the years. Found that he was a serious researcher that didn't end his sentences with "I was abducted you know". A great guy with a sensible approach. So among my other jobs of running Turkey Point Nuclear Power plant with a Senior Reactor Operator's license as an Operations supervisor, and doing photography for the UDT/SEAL Museum Association, I would supply DLR with what photography and video assets I could. Since I had experience in producing video for The History Channel ("The Complete History of the U.S. Navy SEALs" narrated by Tom Selleck") and for LOTI Group ("Red Cell", "Gun In The House", "Inside SWAT", "Pro Sniper", and many others) I wanted to make a video of the first expedition by DLR to summit Tikaboo ridge. What I thought was going to be a simple walk in the desert sun turned into a successful conquest of a bitch of a hill. The video was good, and we'll do better next time. There WILL be a next time.

I spent a decade in the Civil Air Patrol and got the SPAATZ, the highest cadet award. I graduated from the University of Miami with a double major in Chemistry and biology via an AFROTC Pilot Scholarship. I married, have two wonderful boys, and enjoy as much time as they allow with them.

Dreamlandresort is a true eclectic group of friends, some of which we have never met in person. Each time I do meet someone that I have only exchanged ideas with over DLR, I am amazed that the common link is very strong, and I enjoy them as a new friend.

I truly hope we can continue to expand our group and contacts to include individuals on both sides of the fence, so we can unlock those mysteries that pique our interests. What is in there? What secrets does it hold? The unanswered questions that motivate us to climb mountains and witness desert vistas only perplex us with vague glimpses of what could be answers.

We don't have many mysteries left. We've given up manned space exploration for a constant manned presence in earth orbit. How boring and egocentric. When we put Neil Armstrong on the moon, I thought it was just the first of many worlds to visit. If we had been told at the time that the Moon was the end of the road, I wonder if we could have justified the recklessness and surge of space development brought on by Kennedy's 1961 Challenge. Personally I think we have failed him, and the generations that have followed by not pursuing the challenge of manned space. We have certainly failed the Astronauts that gave their lives to achieve that goal. Sure we have a low earth orbit spacebus, and a couple of Russian orbiting platforms, but nothing looking outward to the stars. That's I guess where AREA 51 gives me hope. Maybe the secrets it holds somehow cherishes the spirit of achievement and accomplishment so brutally extinguished at the end of the Apollo Program. Hopefully it maintains within its black budget enough of the search for something more exotic than what I have seen governmentally since then. Maybe we still have a spark of aerospace commitment there that gives me hope. We'll see. Thanks for the read.


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