Introduction to Richard Cliff
Dreamland Resort Section Leader

About my Interests:-

I first started 'getting' into Black Budget programs in 1991 when i saw the F-117A do its business over Baghdad, Iraq.
From then on, i was poised in finding and researching out the secret programs that the United States and United Kingdom had under their belts.
Before i even knew about anything that goes on at Area 51, i was already years into military aviation and this became and still is my main interest.
From Spitfires to Fulcrums, there is always something to enjoy when being a Military Aviation Enthusiast. Aswell as military aviation, my other interests are Military Vehicles, Ships and Weapon Systems. In that catogorie Atomic weapons have always been a favourite of mine.
However you can't be properly into military aviation without being a military aircraft monitor aswell.
Another hobby and interest is Monitoring military communications and have been doing this for a number of years. I have several scanners and receivers for vhf/uhf and hf monitoring and monitor anything from B-2A's to old classic fighters.

Where i live, background and how to contact me on the net:-

I live in South West England, about 70 miles from Boscombe Down, the UK's answer to the USAF AFFTC. The base is fairly secret and operations that go on there are kept in the dark depending what they are.
I live in a perfect place for military activity, living in a dedicated low flying area for fast jets and other aircraft and also live near dedicated Air Combat areas and aswell as that, i've also got an air-air refuelling area above me and two more not far away.
I get to see many test flights out of Boscombe and hear most that go on. So it gets very interesting at some points.
The only pain about living here is that part of my hobby is so far away, Nevada. Which means limited visits and research.

Above is a picture taken by myself two miles from where i live on a 900ft hill top, an RAF Harrier GR-7 heads right towards me at 450kts and suppose to be at 250ft AGL.
smoke fills the air behind it as the pilot Callsign Blazer 01 screams in towards me....

Noses up slightly as not to hit the antenna i was near.....

Perfect!! a photo of a fast-on-the-deck Harrier. I could actually smell the exhaust fumes of this jet after it went over...with the plume of smoke descending on top of me. No Zoom Lense needed! they are low enough without it! Not 250ft AGL here, more like below 100ft. The noise was superb!

Blazer 01 banks hard, still slightly nose up, as he goes and rejoins with his flight just one mile apart.

A slight difference in terrain from where i live to the Nevada Desert but there you go. Alot of aircraft fly in the valley below, especially Lakenheath based F15C/E Eagles.

Aswell as having my own website for black programs and Area 51 (PX2000 now integrated into DLR) i am also the co-founder of an email group called 'Black Triangle'. It was indeed Black Triangle that i first set up the start of PX2000 named then as Black Triangle Resource. From there i moved on and after having my website air'ed on the radio show coast - coast it became one of the most visited black program sites on the internet.(thanks Art) with 100,000 visitors

I am very delighted to be part of the Dreamland Resort team now and hope the site the very best in the future. It has not become the best for nothing....ALOT of hard work has gone into this site to make it the BEST there is and it will get better and better.

Contacting Information.

To contact me when i'm online about any of the above topics, and if you have information regarding Black Programs and the surrounding Test sites of Area 51 then please don't hesitate to contact me on the below:
If you have anything that may be of use to be placed on the Dreamland Resort then please send me what you have regarding Black Programs by Email. If you wish to stay anonymous then that will be no problem.
AIM Hotbat46
ICQ 81858935
mIRC Reset11

Richard Cliff
Black Programs and Exercises Manager

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