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Nazi UFOs & The Illuminati Conspiracy
VHS video, Color NTSC, released 1996, 90 minutes, Rated: NR

Secret Heartbeat of America: Conspiracy, The Secret History: The C.I.A. & Drugs
VHS video, Color NTSC, released 1999, 150 minutes, Rated: NR

Beyond JFK: Question of Conspiracy
VHS video, Color NTSC, released 1992, 90 minutes, Rated: NR

Cover-Up In Oklahoma -plus- Testimonial of Murrah Bombing Survivor: Jane Graham
This video raises disturbing questions about the power of U.S. secret police agencies, shielded by corrupt politicians and the tightly controlled, mainstream press. Highly recommended for high school, college, law, journalism and public libraries, for civil liberties and public interest groups, and for working journalists, lawyers and public safety officers.
Cover-Up In Oklahoma uses eyewitness accounts, expert testimony and extensive 'live' local newscast footage to prove the 'truck bomb' scenario promoted by the government and the mainstream media does not fit the facts.
VHS video, Color NTSC, Rated: NR

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