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Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment : Project Invisibility by William L. Moore and Charles Berlitz
One day in 1943, at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, something happened...
Suddenly the U.S.S. Eldridge, a fully manned destroyer escort, vanished into a green fog, within seconds appeared in Norfolk, Virginia, and then reappeared in Philadelphia!
For over thirty-six years officials have denied this, have denied any experimentation to render matter invisible -- have denied the reality of THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT.
This book is the first full-length documented report on a chilling unsolved mystery that's been discussed for years. Now, official documents and first-hand stories have been revealed. Here is the truth in a report so shattering it is difficult to believe it's NOT fiction.
Paperback (September 1994): $6.99

Philadelphia Experiment and Other Ufo Conspiracies by Brad Steiger
In l943 the Navy accomplished the teleportation of a warship from Philadelphia to Norfolk by successfully applying Einstein's Unified Field Theory. The experiment also caused the crew and officers of the ship to become invisible during which time they were sent to a time space warp. One survivor tells his amazing experience. Alfred Bielek has appeared along with the author on the Art Bell show many times.
Paperback (April 1990): $14.95

Vanished! (Classified) by Terry Deary
Paperback (September 1996): (out of print, used available)

New World Order

Secret Black Projects of the New World Order by Tim Swartz
Anti-gravity UFOs, black helicopters and mysterious flying triangles... are they all under the secret command of the New World Order? Is the Secret Government keeping tabs on our activities? How closely are we being watched? Will YOU be the next to be silenced?
The author is an Emmy Award winning TV producer who maintains that his research shows that all kinds of strange aircraftare flying overhead which may be based on back engineered technology. He has sources inside the goverenment and military and continues to expose the Secret Government in his on going efforts to bring the truth to the public.
Paperback (November 1998): $12.95

Behold a Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper
Cooper, a former U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member, accurately predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, the end of the Berlin Wall, and the invasion of Panama. His information came from top secret documents that he read while with the Intelligence Briefing Team and from over 20 years of research. Here, Cooper reveals his theories on the assassination of JFK, the war on drugs, and UFOs.
Paperback (December 1991): $25.00
Audio Cassette Abridged edition (September 1998): $12.56

Incredible Technologies Of The New World Order; UFOs - Tesla - Area 51
Is there evidence of a joint alien-military plot to control humankind?
Go inside Area 5l. Learn of the latest developments in Tesla Technology and Free Energy. Haarp. Philadelphia Experiment. Secret Beam Weapons and New World Order.
A former military intelligence operative with insider connections spills the beans on a variety of top level classified projects generally unknown to the public.
Paperback (July 1997): $14.95

Black Helicopters

Black Helicopters over America : Strikeforce for the New World Order by Jim Keith
From a reader's review: Jim Keith (1949-1999) died suddenly on Sept 7, 1999, as the government was finally revealing it covered up some of the truths of Waco. Most people don't get Keith's writings, that as a reporter he reported, with humor and insights, with tongue-in-cheek intellect. In the future when the mystery of the helicopters, be they black, green, or dark blue is revealed, interested historians will refer to this book. Not for the wild theories of UN stormtroopers or other items Keith merely was repeating, but for the fact that things were seen, unknown and unidentified, which may have had a link to missions not yet fully understood.
Paperback (January 1995): $12.95

Black Helicopters II : The Engame Strategy by Jim Keith
From a reader's review: Mr. Keith does a very good job of blending material from eyewitness accounts, newspapers, and books into a series of chapters that will keep the reader very interested. You will want to know more after reading this.
Paperback (January 1998): $14.95

UFO Coverup

Conspiracy (Alien Files , No 2) by Daniel Cohen
In "Conspiracy", the author explores the theory of a government UFO cover up, the origin of the real Men in Black, and much more.
Paperback (October 1998): $3.99

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