OXCART Down! - Searching for the remains of a secret spy plane
By Peter W. Merlin, October 2003


A-12 (60-6926/Article 123) accident investigation documents
Central Intelligence Agency
Langley, VA 1963
(This includes 172 pages of declassified memos, reports, official statements, and teleconference transcripts dating from 24 May 1963 through 21 June 1963)

Crickmore, Paul F.
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SR-71 Blackbird Walk Around
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SR-71 Blackbird: Stories, Tales and Legends
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Mahood, Tom
The Hunt For 928

McIninch, Thomas P. (pseud. of John Parangosky)
"The OXCART Story"
Studies In Intelligence (Summer 1982)
Central Intelligence Agency
Langley, VA 1982

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Lockheed SR-71
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I wish to thank several people for their support and help during this project. Jeannette Remak and Joe Donoughue provided me with nearly 200 pages of declassified documents on the accident. Tom Kinzel and Eric LeVeque put up with wild goose chases in remote parts of the desert during several expeditions. Special thanks to Jim Goodall for providing Lockheed photos of Article 123. I am very grateful to Joerg Arnu for helping put this web site together.

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