Hi-Res TTR Panorama 10/10/2023

The high resolution panorama of the Tonopah Test Range complex below was taken in the early morning hours of October 10, 2023 by our long-time member Michał "n01_b4_flash" Rokita. It is easily the best panorama of TTR ever published! Michał used a Nikon P1000 camera with a 3000mm optical zoom. The panorama was shot from a view spot known as "Brainwash Butte", about 14 miles from the main base. Click in the preview to enlarge the image.

Michał also got some great photos and video of two F-117 Stealth Fighters flying out of TTR and of two mystery aircraft in open hangars. Special thanks to Michał for sharing his awesome footage with us! Enjoy...

Super hi-res panorama of TTR (zoomed image is very large and may take a while to load)
Click here for an XL version of the panorama as PNG file (will take even longer to load and may not work with all browsers)

Two F-117 in their open hangars on Delta Ramp North

F-117's taxiing on taxiway Delta for take-off

>>> Video of two F-117 Stealth Fighters flying out of TTR <<<

F-117's flying overhead a short time later

Mystery aircraft in a hangar on Delta Ramp North; quite likely this is N654BA, one of the Beech Janets that was converted to double as avionics test bed.

The nose (?) of another mystery aircraft in a hangar on Delta Ramp South

A Janet 737 taxiing on taxiway Alpha after landing

Beech Janet N989RR landing at TTR on runway 14

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