Audio Clips of Range Security Transmissions

Here are a few audio clips of Range Security transmissions, recorded in the Rachel area. We used a scanner similar to the Uniden Bearcat 3000, linked to a laptop with voice activated recording software.
Note: To reduce download time all clips are compressed with GSM 6.10. Not all players support this new standard. If you are unable to play the clips download them to disk first and then play them with Windows Sound Recorder. If you are using a Mac, you can download a free player and converter here.

Click on the speaker to listen to the clips. Enjoy...

 Freq. [MHz] Date and TimeLocationNotes
409.300Thu 06/14/2001
Powerlines OverlookNTS Range Security, Security Central
Range security center, station check every 30 minutes
148.500Fri 06/15/2001
RachelNellis Range Control frequency "Fox 4", Blackjack
Used by contractors etc. driving through the ranges to check with range control center "Blackjack" for clearance to enter certain areas
148.225Tue 06/19/2001
6pm - 9pm
LN 32.3Nellis Range Control frequency "Fox 3", Scorpion Base and Scorpion Partol
Tolicha Peak ECR Range Security, station checks every 30 minutes, vehicles dispatched to investigate tripped sensors
409.150Thu 07/05/2001
RachelSecurity trunking system, control channel
410.150Thu 07/05/2001
RachelSecurity trunking system, coded voice transmissions
148.500Mon 07/09/2001
Warm Springs
and Tonopah
Nellis Range Control frequency "Fox 4" (see above)
Lockheed and Arcata contractors talking to range control Blackjack and helicopter crew setting up a mast and antenna at "Site 11"

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