Red Flag 00-1 Photos (10/23/1999 - 11/06/1999)

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A RAF C-130 Hercules flying low over Coyote Summit. It is just coming back from a mission, and probably on its way back to Texas Lake, where the team re-groups, before returning to Nellis AFB. Without the usual fighter escort the pilot tries to stay below radar, and out of sight. During Red Flag on 10/29/1999.

Another shot of the C-130, taken a few days later, on 11/01/1999 from the same spot, a little hill south of the road, just north of the pass.

An F-15 Eagle flying low over Coyote Summit during Red Flag on 11/04/1999. Especially in higher altitudes it is hard to tell from the Russian Mig-29 Fulcrum, which also participates in the exercises. The most obvious difference are the square air intakes, as opposed to the more pointed shape of the Mig.

In this shot of the F-15 you can clearly see the square air intakes on both sides of the canopy.
This particular plane is a 48th FW 494th F-15E Strike Eagle based at RAF Lakenheath in England as part of the USAFE (E for Europe).

This shot of an A-10 "Warthog" shows how it S-curves along the mountains as it flies towards its target area. The A-10 with its powerful variety of weapons systems is mostly designed to strike ground targets, but it can also defend itself very effectively in air-to-air combat. It usually stays low to avoid enemy radar, and can frequently be seen flying in S-curves to protect itself against ground based targeting systems. During Red Flag they often fly extremely low through the passes around Rachel.

Another shot of the A-10, with some of its weapons systems visible underneath the wings. Both photos taken during Red Flag on 11/04/1999.

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