Nellis Air Show 2004 (Nov 14, 2004)

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US Navy F-14 Tomcat with the wings swept back in high-speed configuration
USAF F-15D Eagle of the 1st FW, Langley AFB, VA with full after burner

A-10 Thunderbolt tank killer, aka. "Warthog" of the 355th WG, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
Air Combat Command Heritage Flight: Two P-51 Mustangs flanked by a USAF F-15 and A-10

D-Day Aerial Reenactment: North American B-25J "Mitchell" Bomber; serial # 44-30801 "Executive Sweet"
German "Messerschmitt BF 109" WW-II Fighter

Nellis under Attack...
RQ-1B Predator UCAV outfitted with two Hellfire missiles, mid-range, mid-altitude reconnaissance and air-ground strike

RQ-1A Global Hawk UAV, long-range, high-altitude reconnaissance
X-45 UCAV, long-range, high-altitude reconnaissance and air-ground strike

F-117 Stealth Fighter

F/A-22A Raptor. This particular plane (serial #00-4014 of the 422nd TES) was destroyed in a takeoff accident at Nellis AFB only one month later, on Dec. 20, 2004
F/A-22A Raptor Fly-by (serial #00-4010)

Home game of the USAF Thunderbirds


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