Map and Aerial Photo of the Las Vegas Janet Terminal

OK folks, upon popular demand, here is a map of the LV Janet Terminal area. I drew it from memory, based on a MapBlast map, and it is not neccessarily to scale. (Scroll down for a great aerial photo of the terminal)

The Terminal is located in the 400 block of S.Haven St., only a couple of blocks east of the Las Vegas Strip. Access is possible from the north via E.Hacienda Ave. (marked "Mandalay Blvd." at the Strip) and from the south via E.Diablo Dr. (marked "Four Seasons Dr." at the Strip). It is safe to drive by, although along the entire block there are "No Parking" signs on both sides of the road. There is some open space off the road, though. Despite obvious efforts to block the view, you can still get a decent view of the terminal, and the parked Janets on the other side. If you do go there, please be careful not to violate the law and try to play it low-key. I would hate to see more fences coming up.
About 10 minutes after a Janet plane lands you can see a convoy of workers leaving the the large parking lot (about 2000 spaces) through the two guarded access roads, and proceeding to the Strip via E.Hacienda Ave. and E.Diablo Dr. Please don't bother them as they come out, on their daily commute home from work.
There used to be a good view spot at E.Diablo Dr. and S.Haven St., marked by a blue dot. However, recently, after publishing that location on this web site, I found the view blocked by mothballed planes, that are now parked just inside the fence. Coincidence??
Another good view spot is near the gate at the end of E.Hacienda Ave. You get very close to the parked Janets there, but it is not immediately clear whether this dead-end road is still a public road, and on one occasion we were told in rather clear words to leave there by a security guard, dressed as a construction worker, but wearing a security badge. We have been told that on weekends there is no security, and it is possible to get close to the parked Janets for some good closeup shots. Make sure that you are not trespassing, though.

This excellent aerial Photo of the Janet Terminal was taken in June, 1994. It shows the LV Strip on the far right, S.Haven St. in the center, and the white Janet Terminal, surrounded by the parking lot. Two Janets are sitting by the terminal, on the black squares. South of the Janet Terminal you see the field with the mothlalled planes.
The image shows an area of 1200 x 800 meters. The resolution is 2 x 2 meter per pixel. We got the image from the Microsoft Terraserver. It was brought to our attention by Guy Gigante.
Click here for a 1 x 1 meter super high-resolution image.

This 2-meter image if the same area was taken in March 2000. It shows all six Janet 737's at the terminal, and four of the five Beechcraft on the left. Notice that there are hardly any cars in the parking lot, although judging from the angle of the sun the photo was taken around mid-day. This indicates that the photo was probably taken on a weekend.
There are some more interesting changes compared to the photo above: The mothballed planes have been moved to the left, across the road. A new taxiway has been added, and the tarmac area of the Janet terminal is now smaller. The rightmost Janet parking space has been removed, and the one next to it seems to be no longer used as well. So there are exactly six spots remaining, all occupied in the photo.

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