Refueling probe in the Pahranagat Mountain Range

This refueling probe was found in a remote location in the Pahranagat Mountain Range. It is more than likely that it broke off from an aircraft in mid-flight during a refueling operation or exercise. Lets hope that the aircraft had enough fuel left to make it back to base without refueling.

The probe has several date stamps and serial numbers: "5-24-55" and "192-48778 A" near the front, and "6-10-55", "192-48776-5", "2014 62" and the manufacturer name "ALCOA" near the mount that was attached to the plane. On the front valve unit it says: ".... CALIF.  PART NO. 7-653-171-1  SERIAL NO 235". It has been identified as being off an F-100 Super Sabre.

The valve where the refueling hose from the tanker attaches to the probe.

This end was mounted to the plane.

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