Tow Target on the Northern Slope of Tikaboo Peak

These are the remains of a tow target. As the name suggests tow targets are towed behind planes as air targets for live exercises. Quite a few of them can be found in the desert around the ranges, mostly in pieces. They are made of a wooden support structure, with wings of thin aluminum or thick cardboard with aluminum foil coating.

This one probably came loose or was dropped when the towing plane got too close to the mountain range. The remains of the cable that tied it to the plane are still attached to the center beam.

It is sitting in a wash on the northern slope of Tikaboo Peak, facing Tikaboo Valley and Groom Lake Road. When the light is right you can see it from Hwy. 375 around mile marker 31 driving towards Hancock Summit as shiny point of light in the mountains, in the 1 o'clock position.

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