B-83 Thermonuclear Practice Bomb near Range 61

This practice variant of a B-83 variable thermonuclear bomb was discovered by Chuck Clark and myself on 11/10/1999 in a very remote location along the border of Gunnery Range 61. It sits on public land, only a few hundred feet outside the fence. Due to the remote location we suspect that we were the first to find it since it was dropped, probably in the 1980's.

Except for some damage from the fall it is fully intact. It has a concrete filling, and it appears that it had a parachute attached to the back, to stabilize the fall. Which must have worked just fine, as it fell right on its nose.

The 2408-pound B-83 is currently the second highest yield weapon in use by the United States. It entered production in the early 1980's. Most likely it was dropped from a B-52 bomber. For further information on the B-83 click here.

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