Cedar Gate: The back door to TTR

Despite its remoteness, Cedar Gate Road from State Hwy. 375, mile marker NY 43.6 just north of Queen City Summit to the Cedar Gate of the Nellis Ranges is quite interesting in several respects.

One reason is exactly that remote location. Railroad Valley is uninhabited, and there are only a few cars per day passing by on Hwy. 375. This allows vehicles to enter the Nellis Ranges virtually unnoticed here. Cedar Gate Road used to be a maintained dirt road, just like Groom Lake Road and the Rachel Back Gate Road. Then, in late June of 1999 it was paved and became a smooth asphalt highway, easily wide enough for two trucks, leading into the northern part of the Nellis Range Complex.

During the week Cedar Gate Road sees quite a bit of traffic. It is used by various contractors working in the ranges around TTR as well as semi trucks likely delivering anything from food to parts for the latest classified projects at TTR. These trucks usually have no company markings and have Air Force license plates.

There are also several Russian radar sites around Cedar Gate, and a dirt airfield known as "Keno" northeast of Cedar Pass. Please see the links below for more information.

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The newly paved Cedar Gate Road, on 7/30/1999. The Cedar Gate Guard Shack is in the background, on the right side of the road. There is a small parking area across the road from it, where some local employees park and carpool into TTR or Area 51. The fence with the warning signs in the foreground is easy to miss, but you should not go beyond it.

White unmarked truck on Cedar Gate Road, in front of the old Cedar Pipeline Ranch on 10/26/1999. While we sat there watching the Red Flag exercises we saw four trucks going in or out of the base within a couple of hours. The cargo is unknown, but judging from the large refrigeration unit it needs cooling. Food for hungry rocket scientists or frozen Alien bodies? You decide... ;-)
Take a closer look here, or from a different angle here.

Another truck, this one coming out of the base a few minutes later. Heavy traffic, considering there is nothing out there...
Take a closer look here.

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