Keno Airfield near Cedar Gate

In July 2000 a proposition was submitted for construction of a new airfield northeast of Cedar Pass, within the restricted area. The purpose was stated as training ground for airlift operations for air and ground crews under simulated battlefield conditions, particularly short takeoffs and landings. Without giving any reason, the proposed size of the airfield was almost tripled in a November 2000 amendment.

Construction of the new airfield, named the Keno airstrip, was completed in June 2003. The new 7100ft. by 90ft. gravel runway is located on the east slope of the Kawich Mountain Range. The runway is suitable for use by transport aircraft such as the C-17 or C-130, and its location makes it the only airstrip in the ranges for training troops in airdrops in mountainous terrain. There are also several mobile radar sites and SAM sites nearby, which make the training environment even more realistic for the pilots, simulating airdrops in a hostile environment (see link below). The GPS coordinates of the Keno Airfield are 37 47.431'N / 116 15.534'W to 37 46.305'N / 116 15.020'W.

In the Spring of 2005 night vision runway lighting was added.

The Keno airfield is used heavily during Green and Red Flag exercises and twice a year for the JFEX exercise.

2004 panorama of the Keno Airfield; north is to the right. Click image to enlarge.

Aerial photo of the Keno airstrip, loking roughly east. Photo by Gabriel Zeifman, 11/24/2019. Click image to enlarge.

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