Area 51, TTR and Dreamland MOA Callsigns

The following is a list of radio callsigns used in the Dreamland MOA. Aircraft in that MOA include flights out of Area 51 and TTR, as well as various other locations such as Edwards AFB, Travis AFB (tankers) and others.

CallsignFirst heardUse/Notes
Bird Dog10/07NNSS Air Space Controller
Blond Girl06/08Dreamland MOA Mission Controller
Bluebird06/08NTTR Air Space Controller (AAR, drops)
Boar 6706/08Area 51 F-16
Botox 0106/19Aircraft flying mission points then landed at Groom "from the north for ILS Zulu 32"
Botox 3106/19Area 51 aircraft; Checking in with Groom Approach, flying over the field at 8,500ft; requesting ILS 32
Botox 9806/19Area 51 security chopper
Coffee Tree05/19Area 51 mission controller
Condor 9106/08Area 51 F-16? ("Boar 67")
Condor 9205/19B-2 from Whitman AFB
Dragon 1,2,305/19Aircraft out of TTR, maneuvering (Brits)
Dreamland2003?Dreamland Air Space Controller
Energy 6610/07Aircraft?
Ghost 2206/19Tanker from Edwards AFB
Greyhound 106/08Aircraft from TTR in Range 71&76
Hog? 0105/19Test aircraft out of Area 51
Holt 3804/19Aircraft calling Rainbow
Hope? 3105/19Aircraft in approach
Jester 31-3402/19F-35 from Edwards
Keeper 3104/19Aircraft in approach
Project06/19Controlling test of Dragon 1,2,3 (British)
Raid 9910/07Aircraft
Rainbow04/19Area 51 Approach/Departure North
Ramrod06/08Area 51 Mission Controller
Ranch House10/17Mission Controller
Rat? 4105/19Test aircraft out of Area 51
Raven 91/9203/08Probably V-22 Ospreys
Saber 206/08Test aircraft, refueling
Saber 4106/19Test aircraft, refueling
Sierra 9806/18Tanker from Travis AFB
Sierra 9906/08Tanker from Travis AFB
Storm 5104/19Mission aircraft (F-35B, 461st FLTS, Edwards AFB, tail #168313)
Swan 61-6305/19Test aircraft (62 and maybe 61 from Area 51, 63 from Nellis, "Raptor 1" on Dreamland freq
Unclog?05/19Area 51 aircraft handed off from departure north to "Unclog on 2-19" (likely a Have Quick channel)
Utah 8104/19Tanker
Vampire 3106/08Aircraft
Vampire 9106/19Aircraft checking in with Dreamland, cleared on range as scheduled, contact Mission on 375.800
XXL05/19Area 51 Security Chopper?

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