Site-4 & Double Tracks images

Message posted by Richard on April 27, 2000 at 10:10:43 EST:

Heres the URL for the Site-4 satellite image.

Everything is shown clearly with the HQ in the middle of the site.
Don't forget there is no airfield here, it is strictly Electronic Combat with radars and Threats.

The Airfields for Electonic warfare are situated at Tolicha Peak ECR to the South West.
If you zoom out and Pan North West(left upper arrow) youll come across Tonopah Test Range and sandia Labs.

For Double Tracks, this is the URL:

The lake bed, or just to the north east of the lakebed is Double Tracks.
This is where, and just to the north east some Atomic tests were carried out by Tonopah Test Range. It is so Radioactive here that it is a 'no-go' area and has since been integrated into the Nellis Ranges as a target area for aircraft.
This makes it a strictly prohibited restricted area so no one can go here. Aircraft bombing the area are the only 'things' to get close without a special 'goon' suit apparently.

Hope this helps


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