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Message posted by Richard on April 20, 2000 at 11:36:57 EST:

I think maybe the UFO community should get their heads out of their a%ses and get into their heads that their are NO aliens or craft at Area 51.
It is and has been since it was set up in the 50s a strict Aircraft/Material testing facility.
No aliens , no space craft.
The weird things you see around the desert in Nevada are things made by humans and are advanced aircraft or the like.
If its not aircraft, the lights at night are either UAVs or Air Combat Training with flares.
This thread could go on and on about this.
Its why most Black Program Researchers don't like to mingle with UFO 'fanatics' who think every damn thing flying in the sky is a UFO.
Take a look in the Bins and you'll find 99.9999% are viable flying machines.
I DO BELIEVE that there are other beings in the universe, its silly not to believe that, but they are NOT in Nevada!
Get the Independance Day lark out of the head and become more knowledgable of the Air Vehicles that fly out of Area51 and you'll begin to understand that they are not Extra-Terrestrial.

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