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Message posted by Richard on March 24, 2000 at 11:48:41 EST:

Ive seen these pics before and quite frankly they are just normal vapour trails made by airliners and large aircraft.
Its the vortex that causes the contrail that like and i see them like this EVERY day over my house.
Some even split apart and look like many little blobs , something you would seem to consider with a PDWE but , nope, a normal vapour trail.

Im affraid some people are SO FIXED on wanting to see a Black Program with a PDWE that they consider anything to be it. The same goes with all these large triangles you see about over populated areas.
I was standing at LAX in november watching the airliners come in, one after the toher and each one had lights in a triangular fahsion making it look like a Triangular shaped craft....people dont think about possiblilites when they are fixed on things, its classic UFOlogist Fanaticalism.....
which is why most Black Propram Researchers dont get on with UFO Fantatics.

Have you noticed also that 99.9% of all UFO fanatics think if it is a black program ,its got to be AURORA and nothing else....

No contrails, no triangles every day over New York populated areas.....Im getting reports of people seeing a football sized triangle over New york populated areas.....yeah right.....and guess what, by the amount of reports its very frequent, this football sized Triangle is Completely SILENT according to witnesses......again they are 'fixed'.

It goes with the Chemtrail idea of people fixed on the government spraying them with chemicals from KC-135s over Eastern USA. However in Nevada reports were that an aircraft sprayed the chemtrail over a town, and the residents were brainwashed into the buying brand new cars even though some couldnt drive....
it just goes to show how short minded UFO fanatics only have to think about their claim of Helendale being a 47 story deep ALien base.....

Oh man....
Sorry to blabble on, but these people really piss me off.....not you AI....but UFO Fanatics with aliens on their minds.

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