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Message posted by Someone Who Knows on March 22, 2000 at 18:29:28 EST:

OK SecretServices,

First off..WOW. As to the answers to my questions, WOW. As far as I can tell, you nailed them - all of them.

Secondly, for your North Base patch question, I don't know. I have seen one patch out of North Base, and for all I know, it may or may not be real. It was worn by a pilot at the 413th Flight Test Squadron, Red circular patch with a 1/2 crescent under the bottom. It had a black cat on it, with an arched back, and a bomb in its claws. Saw it in an egress training class.

Third - just so you know, I think the reason that you "struck a nerve" is because you just come on the board, and smash people left and right. Kinda crude. Part of what facinates me about this area, and these planes is that you get to use your head and imagination. That is part of the fun (and challenge). At the same time, this is a pretty kewl board, and pretty mellow, and sometimes, really slow. Every once in a while someone pops in, puts their two cents in, then pops out.

As for what I know (and don't know), that, is for me to know. I just sit here and read what others write, when I have something to offer, I do. When I don't, I keep the mouth shut. I don't sit here like buddha on the mountaintop and flap my gums incessently, and hell, every once in a while, I learn something I didn't know too.


Good Luck


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