Re: Check this out... {{Richard}}

Message posted by Richard on March 19, 2000 at 21:30:51 EST:

Now this is Interesting.
SWK and I have been discussing this in email and the timing works out nicely however the date doesnt.


The time is pretty significant i think in that on the 22/2/00 something was seen at 9:30pm. Whether or not it was the murder or if it was a Black Program we wont know yet.
But Jose and his Father saw a sighting of a Black Program possibly at 9:45 on 15/03/00

I think it maybe time to get near Plant 42 and take a look at night around those seems maybe WE MAY HAVE, and i stress MAY have something being tested out of P42 at night from maybe 8-11pm. It would be nice to see its return time aswell, and where it goes too whether it goes to R2508 complex for testing or just normal MOAs or maybe the Nellis Ranges.


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