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Message posted by Richard on March 13, 2000 at 15:06:08 EST:

The Tiger has NOT done any trials in the UK.

The apache did not really trial here 'around the uk' it trialed around the MATZ and various ranges near Boscombe and Westland.

And if it was trials, you wouldnt of got 3 aircraft together doing the same trial...not how it works.

At first you said nothern england, however wiltshire is Souther England(by a long way).

As you mentioned wiltshire, well boscombe down is in wiltshire so it is a possiblity that what you saw came out of the AFFTC at the 'Down'.

After seeing the WAH64D at extreme low level circling my house for 5mins and also seeing the other aircraft you mentioned, an F-117(ive seen it flying and static many many times) is completely different than any helicopter flying or not and at any angle.

It definately wasnt three F-117s....i know that.

80 miles from B/Down

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