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Message posted by Tony on March 12, 2000 at 15:04:12 EST:


Sorry about the Original sketchy details. I has viewing the aircraft from about 25 - 35 milles away, it was very hard for me to get a resonable view. From the side, the 3 aircraft I mensioned look similar.
It was in august of 1996. If you need an exact location, i will look in the Atlas. There was plenty of military flying ( especially low level ) USAF f-15 etc that day. Ledbury, Wiltshire was the nearest 'major' location. I was hiking north, in one of the many hill ranges. I will get out the atlas soon and take a peek. The aircraft flew in a constant circle, with little altitude / attitude change.
The color of the aircraft was black, and definately had those 'panels' on the side just like the RAh-66 or F-117. Had a look through Janes recog. guide today ( again ) but with no conclusion. This is probably just some chopper on exercises.



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