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Message posted by Richard C on March 12, 2000 at 13:46:55 EST:


Where in the north of England exactly?

an RAH66 or AH64 are a bit different from an F-117 fighter!

WAH-64D Apache Longbows are flying in the UK because i have one fly and circle my house from GKN Westlands plant.
60ft above the house isnt bad! but Obviously not in 1995

anyway...TACAN route TB-7 runs down the East coast of the UK which has many deployment traffic inbound/outbound including F-117s when they come across the pond.
TB-5 routes isle of man and across manchester to RAF Coningsby area...this is also used for deployments and CORONET mission altrev's.

I think you should really come up with a DATE and exact location of where you were standing, i could then, or someone else could then come up with a solution.
Date is important as is the location.

If it was a single aircraft then it wouldnt of been a CORONET Altrev mission.
BAe Warton is also located in the north of england near blackpool....a possiblility you saw something out of there.


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