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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on March 11, 2000 at 17:14:19 EST:

I am in beautiful Miami (actually Pinecrest, a smaller municipality south of Miami), a place well visited by UK and other European tourists. We had Homestead AFB that was home to SAC B-52's and KC-135's back in the 60's, then it was turned into a TAC base with F-4's that transitioned to F-16's. Hurricane Andrew blew the unbelievable crap out of South Florida in 1992, and Homestead AFB was just about the place it came ashore, and got the full brunt of the Hurricane. I went through the base two days after the storm, and I can tell you a nuclear strike could not have caused much more damage. The decision to rebuild the base was debated and delayed, and eventually it was turned half into a AF Reserve base and half into a overgrown dump as the local politicians still argue over how they can best line their pockets with the windfall of a gift from the federal government to the County of a slightly used Air Force Base. Idiots. I have travelled to the UK back in the early 70's, and too was thrilled to see a Vulcan put through it's paces at a Air Show there.We went to RAF Lyneham, and a few other bases that the names elude me. I discovered wonderful people, and great beer, and found out why Great English Cooking is an oxymoron (sorry). The fish and chips were superb though. I've also managed to travel down under and spent time in Sydney. Great Countries.

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