Re: Confession from Norio Hayakawa, re: PAX TV on Area 51

Message posted by connie p on October 14, 2000 at 03:00:42 EST:


Yes, I was quite surprised when the program included many, many clips from years ago...not only your interview, but others.
And I, as others know your real thoughts on the facility.
After speaking with the crew (we were down there when they were filming at the Inn) I was under the impression that they were going to focus more on the
testing going on in relation to black projects, the history, etc...But.....things tend to get sensationalized. I suppose that's what sells advertising. I was also surprised that they didn't actually show a clip of the actual security vehicles and they were inaccurate as far as folks being chased down Groom Lake Road. At least it hasn't been done in a long time.
I would sure like to see more programs that are up to date, more technically oriented toward the projects.
I think most of us here would like to see an accurate program. Perhaps there's a production company out there who would interview people like yourself and others at the "here and now" and not show old, outdated and rehashed data.

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