New Northrop Patent for Stealthier Flying Wings

Message posted by Steve Hauser on October 13, 2000 at 18:30:28 EST:

This patent was granted on 10 October and is for a "delta-shaped aircraft with variable camber fuselage and wing." The patent states that: "The variable camber delta-shaped aircraft constructed in accordance with the present invention presents numerous advantages not found in related prior art systems. In this respect, the present system is constructed so as to increase aerodynamic lift while the aircraft is flown at a relatively high angle-of-attack. In practice, the delta-shaped aircraft may be required to operate in high angle-of-attack envelopes, in order to slow the aircraft for landing for example. By rotating the forward section of the fuselage/wing, the camber of the aerodynamic lifting surfacing is increased. Such cambering increases the lift while the aircraft slows and therefore extends the flight envelope to prevent a stall condition. Moreover, because the increased camber results in increased lift, reliance on and usage of control surfaces to gain lift are reduced. In this respect, the radar signatures associated with actuation of such control surfaces are also reduces." So, another way to makes planes stealthier. The diagrams show the invention fitted to a B-2-type craft.

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