waypoints based on the Nellis range map

Message posted by Gary Sellani on October 03, 2000 at 02:58:45 EST:

If you want to get waypoints based on the Nellis Range map on this web site, here is the procedure:

1) Go to this page and save the range map using a right click:

2) Convert the file NellisrangesRC.jpg to NellisrangesRC.bmp using a photo editor. [Go to download.com and most any editor there can make this conversion

3) Download a copy of Ozi Explorer from
I downloaded the beta version

3) Download ftp://shell.accesscom.com/pub/users/g/gsellani/nellisrangesrc.map
This file contains map calibration information I made by entering coordinates from a topo map.

4) Edit the "map" file so that it points to where ever you left the "bmp" file.

5) open the "map" file in Oziexplorer and create whatever waypoints you want.

Email me directly if you have problems.


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