Re: BAE Systems and Lockheed-Martin - attn Richard

Message posted by Richard on September 29, 2000 at 15:11:27 EST:


GEC Marconi (BAe Flight systems) has many outlets all over the world, they also make Ships and are involved in submarines, aircraft, boats, space, missiles, well, everything!
The place in surrey im not sure about. I dont really follow Marconi as its just a normal technology company who deal a great lot in aircraft avionics and sensors.

Whether or not they tranfered to Mojave i dont know, but as far as the Flight systems in Mojave go, they do work with the AFFTC at Edwards and also are a major contractor for USAF/USN aircraft work....and alot of work does go to them instead of the normal US companies.

BAe Marconi Flight Systems has found it very profitable and so they are have made Mojave their permanant base for the moment aswell as HQ in the United Kingdom.


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