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Message posted by Magoo on September 28, 2000 at 18:53:09 EST:

I told you it would be revealed soon...!!! :-)

Now, imagine that aircraft with a RAM coating and low vis camouflage. It looks like its RCS would be significantly smaller than the F-117 and B-2, and if successful it would take alot of heat off the leading elements in any air war!

There has been some concern expressed in other forums that a UCAV is dangerous to friendly troops and increases the risk of fratricide. This UCAV design has been primarily designed for the SEAD role, where it will attack enemy radar and SAM sites ahead of an attacking manned force. It is unlikely to be deployed in areas where enemy and friendly ground forces are in contact. It will also not be thinking for itself, but will be guided by a human on a control panel at the other end of a TV link.


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