Message posted by Gary Sellani on September 27, 2000 at 15:34:23 EST:

The wicked dip I am refering to is well before brainwash butt, which I labels TTRSPY2.

Here is the map I made:
The wicked dip is labeled "wickeddip". ;-)

The spot "2mineshaft" is a place where the road turns to a mine shaft, but you don't want to drive over the road as it is directly over an excavation. I found a hole in the "road" where I poked a stick through it and it made noise for about 10 seconds as it fell. I would say a deep hole is under the so called road.

One of the hazards of hiking in an area with excavations is you will fall down a shaft and never be heard from again. It wouldn't matter if you had someone with you to get help or not. You would never survive the fall. Yet another reason to hike in the daylight if you don't know the aera.

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