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Message posted by Magoo on February 05, 2000 at 20:17:24 EST:


Seeing as you're the local expert, how would you get to Groom by air if you really had a hankering to do so???

Assuming we had a Cessna, my guess would be to approach it at low level from the east and remain masked in the terrain east of the range where Powerlines and Tikaboo (love that word!)Peak are located.

You would become visible to the radar on Bald Mtn once you entered the Tikaboo Valley, but by then you'd only be about 20 miles from the base which you would cover in about 7-8 minutes at full throttle. There is no way an F-15 could even be in the air out of Nellis or even Groom in that short amount of time, let alone be in a position to stop you before you got there.

I still think they probably have a small detachment of AAA or SAMs in the Groom Range somewhere, just in case some redneck decides to have a go! However, like you said, the risk for them is in being seen, not in being attacked!

BTW - I'll be on line until about midnight your time (PST) tonight.


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