Re: F-15s at Groom

Message posted by Magoo on February 05, 2000 at 19:48:18 EST:

I would say a fair part of that report would have been edited and dramatised for effect. I bet the pilot was called by Nellis ground or Los Angeles Centre several times before an F-15 was even launched. And even then, the F-15 would not have come close enough to "nearly blow the Cessna out of the sky". What if the Cessna had decided to turn just as the F-15 was coming up on him?

One of the first things a pilot flying an interception mission would be looking for is to maintain separation. It is just too easy to mis-judge such a maneouver and have a mid-air, and there is also the danger of the Cessna pilot panicking and losing control and crashing. Either way, then you'd really have a problem on your hands!

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