Re: AREA 51 and fiber optic technology

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on September 18, 2000 at 08:50:07 EST:

I've heard the first kills made by Sparrows early in Vietnam were BVR and were friendly. That caused the powers-that-were-in-being to change the ROE's to exclude BVR shots. The Sparrows actual kill rate in that conflict were one out of between four to ten fired. Real low. Don't know if was they were being used outside (or too inside) their performance envelope. The Sidewinder's PK has soared since then to a virtual kill for every missle fired. BTW, The first Sidewinder kills were Chinese A/C as fired from Tiawnese F-86's.

I hope the Olympic games have kept you busy down under. Each country is allowed to introduce a new game to the competition, and I was was surprised to see "Schooner drinking" was not added. At least add it to the Pentathalon to improve ratings.

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