Re: An Actual Incursion

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on February 04, 2000 at 15:33:58 EST:

Quite possibly, since the base is compartmentalized so groups working on one project won't see other classified works in progress, even a overflight of the base directly would not yield much information. I know for sure that the military tracks reconsats and makes sure that nothing is visible to them. A freind of mine that was a participant in the Son Tay North Vietnam Prison Camp raid said that the mock-up they used for practice in the panhandle of Florida, was broken down and hid several times a day when they knew that Soviet Reconsats were passing overhead, and that was a long time ago. An airborne intruder would probably get warnings over the radio to clear the area, and if he stayed long enough over the base, I'm sure he'd get some USAF company. At any rate he would tracked until he landed, and US Marshals or the FBI would probably have a chat, followed by the FAA that would definitely pull his ticket. With the poliferation of lawyers in this country, unless it is a violent act that requires self-defense, the military would not fire first on a civilian aircraft. Also a federal trial can be kept a lot quieter than the repercussions of a shoot-down.

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