Re: An Actual Incursion

Message posted by Al on February 04, 2000 at 14:25:31 EST:

So how much of a Warnign woudl you be given?

There must have been instances of People being arrested on the ground,
and I know a few Pilots have strayed into the BOX but at what point would
the Deadly Force be used? Im not sure they woudl just blow them out of the sky,

Especially if you think that theres actually very little out in the open on the lake?

I used to spend a bit of time on Air bases & on one occasion there was a security breach
which resulted in the RMP (royal milatary police) & a group of us surrounding a building with pick axe

I've not actually heard of anyone being killed or even shot at the Dogs normmally tend to get a taste of intruders
but then you do do things a bit more directly in the US

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